What is exploring communication?

More than a company strapline, exploring communication is in our DNA.

exploring communication® defines how we continually deliver and enhance value for our clients by helping them stay at the forefront of change and to optimise marketing performance.

Communications programmes need to keep pace with a rapidly evolving business landscape. We help companies embrace innovative technologies, adopt best practice and create a competitive edge.

Optimising marketing performance involves:

Challenging the brief
We’ll question established planning processes and the old measures of success. This ensures we align campaigns to ever changing macro environments and squeeze more value from your marketing investment.

Embracing new tools
Audiences are fragmenting and media channels increasing. We profile your target audience and explore new, more efficient means of reaching your prospects. Integrating the right channels, both traditional and digital, is more important than ever.

Listening to and engaging target audiences
Social and technological change is leading to a shift in the way we communicate. We are creative with the range of tactics to be consistently relevant and dovetail campaign messages into the recipient’s buying stage.

Evaluating results to continually improve
We’ll tell you what is working and what isn’t. We are results oriented and will explore all media to widen target opportunities, evaluate success and apply what we learn.

Reporting upwards and outwards
We regularly report to a broader set of stakeholders, often beyond sales and marketing, to bring business departments together. Our reporting standards clearly demonstrate where time investment has been spent and results achieved.