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Marketing Productivity 2018

A lot has been said about productivity recently – its measurement is an inexact science and gets trickier as our economy and working practices become more complex. It’s not just about GDP, hours worked and profitability, but from a marketing perspective, it’s about how well your product or service competes in the marketplace.

Changing the way we work and therefore the results we gain

Looking for efficiencies in how we operate and changing the way we work can help to power productivity and improve end results. Motivating employees with flexible working, optimising headcount and reviewing all processes within an organisation can culturally shift a ‘locked-in’ mentality to drive positive change.

For marketers communicating product and services to deliver sales ready leads, the following points can help boost performance:

#1 Have a plan and strategy – don’t chase your tail, know where you want to go and plan how you are going to get there. This will save time and improves outcomes. And if you can’t see the wood from the trees, call in a fresh pair of eyes to critique and steer strategic direction.

#2 Empower leadership in your teams and campaigns – embrace the luminaries in your organisation to unlock vision and thought leadership that raises the kudos and story of your brand.

#3 Triaging and finessing existing content – why commission new content when the crux of the piece is there already? Many time, cost and message efficiencies can be gained from an expert eye repurposing existing content and energising it for a fresh approach. This will certainly help your budgets go further and deliver on ‘more for less’.

#4 Remain agile and dynamic – setting a course for the year is a must, but sticking to that plan like a train to a track can defeat the cause. Being flexible to external and internal influences is a must. For example, if Plan A says “this quarter we must do topic #1” but the economic and media landscape suggests that topic #2 is more appealing, switch, be responsive. It may pay dividends to the sales leads and results of your campaign.

#5 Innovate ideas and processes – investing in copy writers, consultancy and training can deliver a fresh approach to achieving results. New ideas can only be gained by fresh minds or inspired thinking. This doesn’t mean bringing in new people that increases headcounts, but could mean sharpening up the knowledge of your existing team or calling on ad-hoc outsourced copy writers or content creators to provide some extra pizzazz.

#6 Embrace technology – robots aren’t going to take over the marketing department, yet… so let’s embrace the productivity that platforms, tools and automation can deliver to marketing. A cultural shift of ‘how we do things round here’ can be challenged by buying in automation that can alleviate administrative burdens, synergise marketing and sales efforts and power the delivery of marketing leads.

#7 Measure results – the technology, analytics and know-how now exist to move the measurement of PR, marketing and social out of the dark ages. Campaigns can be measured against the number of marketing qualified leads generated and in-line with company objectives.

#8 Manage change and risks – with change comes risk. It might not be tangible, but it exists. Open and clear communication with your teams, customers, clients and suppliers on goals, challenges and objectives is essential to avoid stagnation, confusion or apprehension to change. Prior planning, a strategic approach and experienced people help to manage and overcome the hurdles to change.


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