Siemens Healthcare

Long-term PR partnership promoting products and people

We smashed the average agency retention rate with this 9-year PR partnership with Siemens Healthcare.

Working closely and as part of the ‘extended marketing team’ we unlocked the pain points of radiographers, radiology service managers and procurement teams to deliver a highly proactive media campaign on imaging innovation and issues.

Our campaigns included, ‘CT-heartbeats in a flash’,  ‘love your liver’,  ‘unlocking Dementia’ and ‘explaining MES’.

Medical Imaging case study image

The campaigns outperformed industry competitors share of voice in niche radiology media and extended reach to wider clinicians and health business targets.

Health Innovations

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International launch of Steeper’s
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Health IT

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Content Marketing for
GE Healthcare

Laboratory Diagnostics

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Internal and External Comms for
Siemens Diagnostics

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