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The PR picture and how to tell 1000 words

The use of imagery and photography to tell national brand stories is an essential element of any PR campaign.

This tactic for mobility experts Ottobock Healthcare achieved 60 pieces of top coverage in the first 48 hours!

Are your shots getting on target press coverage?

The PR photocall
A PR photocall is an event staged to allow press photographers to gain images for use within their respective newspapers. Every newspaper has a picture desk and editor responsible for selecting which images appear in the daily papers both in print and online.

The photocall can be used in conjunction with a press release to secure coverage in the national print press and dramatically increase the column inches of your tech news announcement – sometimes a photo can say more than a press release.

PR photography can cover many areas including new innovation launches, events, milestone announcements,  corporate initiatives, award ceremonies or case studies.

Let the picture do the talking
For an image to work in the national press, it needs to be as close to news photography as possible – this means it needs to look like news, rather than an advert. It’s important the content of the image finds a balance between getting your PR messages across, and being engaging and interesting enough to be picked up by your media targets.

Tips for creating a strong PR photocall

  • Forget the detail – Picture editors of a national newspaper are not interested in your statistics, job titles or corporate message; they want eye catching images that will encourage people to read on.
  • Paint a picture – When you’re trying to encourage the picture desk to send a photographer to your photocall, try and paint the image in their mind’s eye.
  • Don’t teach your Granny to suck eggs – Professional photographers know what works for their paper. Offer them all the tools and provide a guide, but if they know the shot they want, make sure you work with them to achieve it and remember that sometimes each photographer likes their own ‘angle’ on a photo.
  • Master the caption – Make sure your picture caption is embedded in the raw image and includes everything you want people to know in one succinct sentence. Don’t forget your call to action!
  • Put the brands away – For a photo to make it in the national news, it’s important to ensure there is not too much branding in the image, let the caption mention the brand subtly.
  • Have you thought about producing a video? – With the growth in social media, video sharing sites and online newspapers, having a video to supplement your news release, case study or event could help not only to deliver additional press coverage, but it could also help your brand profile, SEO and digital footprint.