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Marketing in the Circular Economy – Live Webinar

A traditional linear economy makes use and disposes. A recycling economy makes use then reuses. The circular economy goes further to replace the end of life philosophy with a restorative virtuous circle. This has powerful financial, brand and environmental benefits.

Media Safari’s MD, Matt King, also a Course Director at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) will deliver a 1 hour Practical Insights webinar with Q&As on 28th November at 13:00 and expand further.

The session is relevant across all markets including healthcare, pharmaceutical, IT, industrial, transport and retail.

From the session, you will learn:

  • What is the circular economy
  • The key benefits to business
  • How to create circular advantage
  • Where marketing sits in the circular economy

With today’s world less certain and less linear from unpredictable political and economic events, the session will discuss how to present a strong brand and remain competitive via trust, collaboration and stakeholder orientation in day-to-day business practices.

CIM members can sign up here to access the live webinar, or to receive a link to the recording after the event.