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Media Safari’s 15th Birthday – Five reasons why we’re excited

#1 The agency world is changing

We’re excited to be evolving the agency model. Highly competitive saturated markets; pressures on profit margins; the philosophy of more-for-less; the gig economy; technology; specialist skill sets; democratisation of information… We could go on. These have contributed to making the traditional agency model look stifling and bureaucratic. Clients needs innovation and creativity, highly specialised staff and faster access to markets and buyers. The agency model needs to adapt. Our philosophy of exploring communication starts at home and with that comes talent and creativity that isn’t bound by geography; it flies and it flows, it freelances and it flexes. Embrace this and your campaign really grows.


#2 Proud to be a niche partner

We are a small and successful team serving some high-growth, demanding and stimulating niche sectors. Our size means we’re quick to move and swift to innovate without excess baggage. We work in close collaboration with our clients as a natural extension of their in-house team. We’re proud to be independent and to boast a stable client roster where client relationships regularly endure for over 6 years. We work hard for our clients and give them the attention, experience and results they deserve.


#3 We’re braver & bolder

With age comes wisdom. We’re old enough to know just how true that is. Over 15 years we’ve gained confidence in what we do which means challenging briefs with the benefit of years of insight and experience. Our peers have judged our campaigns Gold winners, we’ve punched high with our global client roster and we’ve had tough times along with the good. This journey has made us braver and bolder and we’re better for it.


#4 Measurability

Thank goodness! We are starting to see the back of ‘the colouring in department’ label for marketing as a new era for our industry opens up, underpinned with technology, analytics and ROI front-and-centre. No more ‘advertising equivalent values’ or quantitative media hits. We now have the potential to create, execute and measure campaigns against marketing qualified leads [MQLs] generated. And sound campaign evaluation justifies the marketing investment to create a virtuous circle. Of course, this takes two-to-tango. An agency cannot work in isolation to deliver such metric nectar, which is another reason why our partnership working with clients is so important.


#5 Content is king

The age of content and social media marketing has been a natural extension to the PR industry. And one won’t work without the other. PR, content, social and search are the foundation for all our communications campaigns. Original words and story ideas combined with engaging images are born from people with an entrepreneurial spirit and power brand reputation. We know that content is king of the castle but understand that its influence lies beyond, when it reaches the markets and buyers it was intended for.